Gear, Gear, so much GEAR!


You ready? You look ready.
Yo, I'm lazy and didn't use the search function so I apologize if there's a duplicate thread I should be posting in but let's get to it.

I am creating this thread to showcase the tools of your trade or hobby or tradobby. Or maybe you just have some really cool piece of gear that lets you (a known vampire) mince garlic safely. We want your gears!

My Gears:

Here's what I have my eyes on...

Future Gears:
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+1 on that HD280 Pro headset. I've had mine since like 2004! The padding on top has split and fallen apart, but wow they've held up and still sound great. Just FYI a few times a year the HD300 Pro goes on sale and costs the same as the 280. I missed it this last round =\
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You ready? You look ready.
If you had any questions or doubts about it I must them. They are way more comfortable than the HD280s and, IMO, they sound better. Mainly just the sound stage size. Like I was blown away when I first put them on. They are so wide they almost sound like the open back 598s.