Bug Reports for the New Design


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I noticed you'd added the Go To Last Post on the pinned reviews threads.

I meant to mention that... but you got it already
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Garbage bag people fighting hippy love babies.

Yeah, I didn't really want to because it doesn't look great and it forced me to bump those link sizes down to make room, but we need to have something up there to get to the end quickly.

Really looking forward to diving into User Reviews more. Lots of fun stuff we can do now with this new system. I'll probably always be too busy with tech stuff to write reviews consistently, so it's time to hand over the reins to you guys and run that whole area off of your awesome contributions.

That's coming back. Someone asked about it on page 2:

That is almost definitely coming back. I'm using a different tooltip script now, and I had some trouble late in the process getting it to work nicely with that, so I decided to have another look post-launch. I'll give it another try. But I'll be back, even if I have to use a completely different script on the home page. Not the most efficient thing in the world, but I think it's worth it.
I'm also probably going to move the Who's Online display around (and spruce up the full page). That was one of the things that got shorter shrift as I scrambled to get this out before the Oscars. I'm probably making another pass at that and the home page in general, when I get a chance.

Loading fine here. Is there one in particular? 10-1 odds it's got a busted URL.

I do want to expand the system so that it can automatically detect and convert all sorts of URLs so that nobody has to think about it (this is on my list), but at the moment it won't work with https or the shortened URLs YouTube spits out. But it's been that way for years, too.

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Seems to work if you type the bb code in... using the Youtube button doesn't work though...

Okay; I'll let SF Sci-Fi Slob clarify whether that's what he meant.

Remember guys: be as specific as possible! I don't know what you're looking at, so if you say the videos don't work, I have no idea if that means the button, the code, or the embedded player the code spits out. Feel free to be completely pedantic: it helps me track things down faster.

Assuming you're both referring to the button, would I be correct in assuming you're both using Firefox?

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I'm using Windows Explorer 11 For Windows 7

The YouTube button just doesn't do anything. Clicking it used to put the bb code in for you then you just paste the url of the video in the middle and done.

Now, clicking it doesn't do anything at all.

Word. I've had scattered reports of this. I'll see what I can do. I may be bugging one or both of you via PM for some more in-depth debugging.

It's kind of hidden in plain sight, but it does sorta blend in. It's in the header:

It's all fancy and fades in right there.
Click image for larger version

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Was just throwing it out there as Yoda knows what my server is, so he knows what's working compared to what isn't...

Well, this morning it looked like that Intermission forum was there and now its gone again. Here's the screen shot you asked for.
Click image for larger version

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We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

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Spotted a problem...

The dropdown box to choose between Mobile and Full Site in the options page...

Only has the Mobile Version...