The Artwork and Museum of Sexy Celebrity


The Artwork and Museum of Sexy Celebrity

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

what's the defining and best characteristic of Jar Jar
is it the demon rabbit ears? the insect eyes? i think it might be the duck-beak lips

That's like the third time I have repped Jar Jar Hitler. Lets see some other Star Wars mashups. Luke Perry Skywalker. In fact all the Beverly Hills gang as Star Wars characters would be cool. Tori Spelling in a gold bikini. Darth Zierling.

The Bobby Fischer of movie criticism
I need more of these in my life.
Empty space for rent - contact Gatsby via PM.

"Harumph-cough! Yes, yes the lad does have promise. The only true pieces of art here though is the piece "Jar Jar Elizabeth Taylor", and the "Elton John" piece. The rest are but bathroom wall inspired twaddle.

Next time do have the decency to have champagne and horderves' when doing a gallery. Yes?!"


Blue Lightning
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"Lois, I never lie."
Mapplethorpe died a millionaire (for nothing but some nasty gay porn photos) and here we have freaking masterpieces like this being posted on the MoFo? (And I doubt Sexy C. is a millionaire.)

Smokey and the Cricket
Hahaha I had to save that picture-love it! Never noticed this thread before, funny stuff
Hear angel trumpets and devil are invited!