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Disappointing that we’re told this week that season 3 will not air until 2020.

Hope it won’t be one of those shows (like Happy Valley) that have years inbetween seasons. (In fact, season 3 has never appeared of Happy Valley.) The Fall took forever to finish & I don’t have the patience for that anymore.

Ah, bummer. Every time I see this thread bumped I get excited that a) we'll have a release date and b) it'll be soon (since it's fairly common for Netflix to announce a release just a month or two beforehand). Ah well.

Most likely Netflix on twitter. When I go there later will find the link since I know I responded.

Can’t find the tweet, but maybe I read it on whatsonNetflix.com in their twitter feed? I believed it enough to make a note of it on my iPad wherever I read it.

“When will Ozark Season 3 be on Netflix?

With filming only scheduled to wrap up in October 2019, the idea that season 3 will be on Netflix in 2019 as originally intended seems a little optimistic.

It’ll likely take several months to conclude editing and post-production the series which leaves us to currently believe that season 3 of Ozark will be available on Netflix in early 2020.”

Ah, yeah. Every time I search for "X season Y" (whatever show), half the things that come up are filler articles with no hard information that just sort of speculate. Lame.

It's a reasonable speculation, given that they put out a casting call this month, but it might just be to finish a few things up, so I guess fall is plausible. But we'll see soon enough. Thanks.

Finally found the #Ozark whatsonNetflix.com tweet. “We've had to revise our release date on Ozark season 3 as filming doesn't start until October 2019. That means we won't get season 3 until 2020!”

Sounds fairly definite to me though I hope they’re wrong.

Yeah, here it is:

I'm not sure what to think. It's not an official account, just a fan site. Someone replying to the tweet is contradicting them on the film start time, too. Either way, seems to be inference rather than anything officially released (IE: they could not possibly release it in 2019 if they don't film until October, which is obviously true). So . Seems plausible, inferred or not.

EDIT: looks like they might have misread this casting call, which suggests they'll be filming this month, but might not be done until October. No idea if that matters or not.

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I wonder if the delay has to do with Bateman's schedule, the writing or Netflix. Ozark seems to carry a lot of street cred regardless of what the ratings are.

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I'm midway through season 2 right now.

I'm finding this a tough show to binge through because it is so consistently dark (not just emotionally but literally -- nobody turns on any lights!). I keep seeing parallels to Breaking Bad, but BB had many lighter moments, lots of humor, and genuinely likable characters. Plus, it was SUNNY and PEOPLE TURNED LIGHTS ON.

I'm honestly never quite sure who I'm rooting for on this show. And yet I love it. I love the acting. I love the writing. I love the twists. I love how Marty gets himself out of every single obstacle thrown at him.

But do I root for him? Not really. He's completely amoral, it seems. At least Walter White had an inciting incident that led him into this, and he had plenty of qualms along the way. Marty comes to us fully formed, and he really hasn't changed much along the way. He's just gotten savvier about pulling off his crimes.

I think I'm rooting for Wyatt.

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I'm in s2e9 right now and just wanted to say I'm really enjoying it; however, there are a few issues. First, there is NO breathing room. It's just too much overlapping of all the risks and danger. This is herding psychotic cats on meth. It's great and pretty impressive to write so much building tension but omg give us a moment to decompress! I think DD nails it by saying it's great in the moment but not so much in reflection. Could be why there is constant forward momentum. Its all set to 11 without much contrast at all and that prevents the show from being even better IMO.

Also, just toss Charlotte in the lake already and be done with her. That little brat changes what she wants to complain about 3 times an episode. She is a little version of Darlene. Both need to be put down. No mom! We HAVE to go back! No mom! I need out of this!!!

In her defense, I noticed in s1e1 that her parents clearly made no efforts to enforce boundaries with her and chose instead to treat their kids as equals rather than children. So they did make her this way, but it gets so old watching her flip and flail from one life shattering idiotic move to the next.

Still enjoying it though.

Sorry for bumping thread Yoda

⬆️ Love this show. But it’s one of those shows that has long intervals between seasons. Annoying.

I just want to hug (your FACE)!
One serious complaint though. I cannot believe the Snells could have ever made to where they are as short-sighted and erratic as they both are. Darlene being Darlene would have likely gotten them all killed within a year.

I just want to hug (your FACE)!
Just finished. Loved this ep. While I realize there must be more, they capped it well. I could be satisfied ending here.

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It's like a hot-messy girlfriend. Intoxicating, infuriating, but an overall great experience.

I'm just here to say, the majority of these people would have just gotten shot in the back of the head in an alley. In light of any constraints to reality, it is so fun. The show, not shooting people


One serious complaint though. I cannot believe the Snells could have ever made to where they are as short-sighted and erratic as they both are. Darlene being Darlene would have likely gotten them all killed within a year.
Right. Not to mention the fact she’s so unstable she murdered her own loving husband.