Movie of the Month - July 2016: True Stories (1986)


Quick bump to say I'm moving ahead with trying to book the next podcast, and if you're interested, you should check out this thread and volunteer.

I have some people in mind, but one of them's a non-MoFo, and I'd love to give MoFos priority, all else being equal.

I don't actually wear pants.
Wow! This thread is old. Nine months, even. When will we see one for April, 2017?
I'm back, and this is my front. I left, but that's my right.
If you understand, does that mean you oversit?

Looking like next month: ran into some scheduling hiccups, then got tied up working on some new features, then the holidays and Oscars (and a big Oscars podcast) come back-to-back, so here we are. Soon, though! Definitely happening, just finishing a few things up. Having to replace someone really throws a wrench into the works, sadly.