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Estonia - funnet som endrer alt (2020)
aka Estonia: The Find That Changes Everything

A documentary series about the sinking of a cruise ferry MS Estonia in 1994. It's very well done and actually brings new information to the table with its findings. Pretty much a must-see, I'd say.

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⬆️ I love stuff like this. Guy was a real douche, to put it mildly.
Hard watch. The footage makes it too real, especially with the girls.

Hard watch. The footage makes it too real, especially with the girls.
Right. So evil.
Iím here only on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. Thatís why Iím here now.

I didn't see any mention of Lovecraft Country and since last night was the season finale I thought I'd weigh in. Overall grade C-. Started out okay, then episode 2 sort of wrapped up what I thought was going to be a season long arc. Then it went back to okay. I just wasn't ever fully enamored of it. The finale last night was confusing and probably would have been downright incoherent to casual viewers. It's nowhere near to being upper tier HBO. I don't really care if they bring it back for a season 2.

Finished third re-watch. Gets better each time. Brilliant show that was slightly overshadowed by The Sopranos & The Wire.

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SpongeBob SquarePants - Penny Foolish/Nautical Novice

While grocery shopping, Mr. Krabs spots SpongeBob picking up a penny outside. At first he tries to let it go, but soon grows obsessed and wants to do everything he can to obtain it.

The first time I saw Penny Foolish I didn't care for it, but watching it again it's grown on me. Mr. Krabs' obsession and methods of trying to get the penny are so insane that it becomes entertaining.

I especially liked the scene where musters up the energy to build a movie theater just to SpongeBob can pay a penny to go see a (fake) movie. The fact that he would spend this much money building a phoney theater to get ahold of a penny is hilariously ironic. But of course SpongeBob says he doesn't have a penny, so the theater gets torn down. I find it funny how he doesn't question this at all, but instead is disappointed he didn't get to see the movie.

Then there's the melodramatic Powerpoint presentation promoting a charity made up on the spot; Pennies For The Penny-Less. No pickle figuring out who the penny-less one is. Mr. Krabs' reaction to SpongeBob reiterating he has no penny is hilarious.

There is also a part earlier on where Mr..Krabs shakes SpongeBob upside down and his brain falls out instead. It's followed by an amusing chase sequence with Sponge running after his brain while Krabs is trying to steal his penny. It's a bit unusual to get another gag related to SpongeBob's brain so soon after House Fancy. But hey, it made me laugh, so it worked.

The running gag where citizens only hear Mr. Krabs chirping like a dolphin from a distance made me chuckle.

The only time it falls flat for me (and this is also a problem with Nautical Novice) is when it comes to the ending. The penny turning out to be a dried-up gum makes no sense since even from afar we could see what SpongeBob picked up from the ground wasn't green. The gum then turning out to be a 500-dollar bill is even *more* convoluted. But if we pretend this makes sense, I still don't like Mr. Krabs continuing to dig for the penny in the backyard. He just showed you he doesn't have one! Get over it, Krabby.

Besides that though, it's a solid segment with memorable jokes.

Nautical Novice:

The boating school class on going on a field trip to the Nautical Museum. SpongeBob wants to look good in front of Mrs. Puff, so he studies hard on boating history to impress her. When he accidentally starts steering a large ship though, things start to get out of hand...

SpongeBob's facial expression after intensely paging through books all night was amusing. He looks like an exhausted middleage man who just lost a divorce trial.

It was fun to see SpongeBob get so confident after reading up on all the history of boating. He becomes cocky, but only because he really thinks Mrs. Puff will be proud of him. The way he keeps interrupting her so he can suavely share his own knowledge on boats is really funny.

It gets exciting as well when he gets stuck behind the wheel and has to learn how to safely stop the boat before it crashes into a building. He's so determined and serious about the importance of this task you gotta love it. The pirate laugh he comes up with is great. You really get to cheer at the sponge as he overcomes this unexpected difficulty and drives the whole class to safety.

That's why it's so disappointing when they reveal he never drove the boat in the first place, someone was dragging it all along. How was such a complicated move as reverse 180 tailspin possible in that case? The guy dragging the boat would have to be stronger than Hulk Hogan. Oh well. At least he's nice enough to offer SpongeBob some ice cream as consolation.

Just like Penny Foolish a fun 11 minutes, even though the ending is a bit worse in this instance.

This episode of SpongeBob might have its imperfections, but is pretty good overall.

(Does anybody read these? Might stop bothering,)

I haven't been reading them, but I just read this one. I didn't know these existed. I'm sure it's a thankless task to watch and write-up, of all things, Spongebob episodes, but I appreciate that you do it. It makes the world more interesting, even if only for a short period of time. I wouldn't blame you if you quit though.

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I'm not gonna quit, I actually submit these reviews to imdb first. But if nobody reads them here I might stop reposting. Thanks for taking the time to read this one though!

The Queen's Gambit

A story of an orphaned girl who turns out to be a chess prodigy. It's a little formulaic, but it's also damn entertaining. Most importantly, it has great characters (flawed but still likable), and it's very well acted too. The huge amount of IMDb 10/10 reviews seems a little excessive, but even I don't have any major complaints. It managed to do chess matches somewhat visual affairs and interesting even to someone who knows nothing but the basic rules of the game.

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Moonbase 8

Some great comfort food if you like the cooking of these 3. First thing Iíve seen Heidecker in without his absurdity act. Youíre not missing anything if you donít see this, but it is cute. Great music!

The pilot was fairly dreadful & I didnít finish. The blond kid in the photo is the son of an American colonel newly based in Italy. ChlŲe Sevigny is the colonel & Iím a huge fan of hers.

Problem is the pilot was all from the kidís POV & that was totally uninteresting to me. Hey, heís a teenager - he hates the world, especially Italy!

So is the show always gonna be about him or is it about his mother also? I may watch episode 2 to see if it improves. Bad reviews on IMDb.

Terrific British show on HBOMax. Hoping it returns for a 2nd season.

Only just now realized that the title (which I thought was odd) is a play on I Love Lucy. Duh.

I think a lot of effort was put into this new mini-series from HBO Max. Unfortunately, after 2 episodes I deduce that itís rather lightweight. Iíd rather not spend more time on it.

The opening credits are wonderfully done: a blend of Catch Me If You Can & Mad Men.

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You know you are a diehard Michael Richards fan when you check out a mediocre sitcom from the 2000’s with the production values of a daily soap opera.

The Michael Richards Show

The premise revolves around private detective Vic Nardozza. Every week he gets a case assigned and he tries his best to solve them, always with wacky consequences. We also get to see the personal lives of his boss and co-workers.

This show really takes its sweet time to find its footing. The first couple episodes are hard to watch in every single way. The writing and humor feels awkward, the characters don't gel together and Michael Richards, as talented as he is, can still barely squeeze a laugh out of me. He gets a few nice slapstick moments, but that's it. The theme song is nice at least.

The cases are also dealt with in a very labored way, as if the writer can't think of how to make them interesting.

About halfway through, it starts to get a little better. Some of the jokes are actually legitimately funny, the characters start to click more and even the acting in some areas improves.

I inititally found Tim Meadows the most annoying part of the cast, but he gets to prove his worth after a while. William Devane gets the bad luck of portraying one of the most boring characters, but in the final episode he finally has a chance to prove he has comedic chops.

It's fun to see guest stars like Gregory Itzin, Ed Begley Jr. and Jeff Garlin(!) make appearances as well.

There are even some successful attempts at satire, which was definitely unexpected.

However, even when the series gets better there are still parts where I just feel bored, and due to ending so quickly it never reaches its full potential. Who knows, maybe in season 2 this could have been one of the better post-Seinfeld projects Richards acted in.

But because it got cancelled after only 8 episodes this simply remains a curiosity at best.

Such a good show that I wish more than anything HBO Max will option for a 2nd season. One of the best shows Iíve ever seen.

Cringe-worthy. I have enjoyed a ton of reality shows, including the Housewives of óó- franchise, but this show is execrable. I cannot imagine who Netflix thinks might be interested in this.