What if Apocalypse Now never screwed Coppola's brain up...


Ever see the documentary Hearts of Darkness? Effing good doc. I've been wondering for a while why he seemed to stop consecutively making amazing movies after Apocalypse Now, and it looks like there was so much trouble putting it together that it wore on his psyche. Obviously, this would affect his movies. What if he never got so screwed up by Apocalypse Now? How different would his movies be???

Because Coppola's my favorite director, this is something I've been wondering for a while.

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I daresay a big part of it was down to it being such a huge financial risk that he had to reduce the scale of his subsequent passion projects and also take on for-hire jobs to pay off his debts. Even if he hadn't been quote-unquote screwed up, I still think that as filmmaking moved away from the New Hollywood era in which he flourished into the high-concept '80s and beyond he'd have arguably maintained the same career trajectory where anything big he did had to have built-in appeal (Godfather Part III, Dracula) and everything else had to be a small, practically independent project (Rumble Fish, The Outsiders).
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Same story as G Lucas, isn't it? He more or less retired from directing.
Maybe he WENT OFF (re his more recent films) because he's lost his bearings, got taken in by (christ) Koyaanisqatsi

Did it really screw him up, or is that just a media made up story?

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What are they going to say about Coppola? What?
Are they going to say he was a kind man?
He was a wise man?
He had plans?
He had wisdom?
Bullsh*t, man!

Apocalypse Now is by far the best thing he ever did and the best thing Hollywood did in the last 50 years. And it was so grear BECAUSE of the nuttiness. One masterpiece is worth a thousand good movies so it was for the best.

They went insane making it, Coppola said that.
The documentary is super, you should watch it

The doc gave me some incredible insight on what Coppola was put through while making it, though making a movie about hell on Earth is pretty much putting yourself through the same thing.