" Becky "


What did that key open ? How did Becky come to have the key and how did the convicts know that she had it ?

I just watched this today and have to say that it has to be in the running for some piss poor casting award. Kevin James as a sadistic neo-Nazi escaped con? The girl was a Reese Witherspoon wannabe, "Freeway" role and the rest of the cast were forgetable.

But if you love cartoonish gore and zaniness, you might like it. For me...


Oh, to the OP, good questions all. I guess the answers are in Marcellus's briefcase.

I also watched this just recently. I think she admitted in one way or another to having it. Also my understanding was that she just happened to find it before the film’s timeline began and kept it in her fort, where she ran off to after the argument. Not winning any awards for intricate plotting, either, that one.

It is very minimally implied the key was hidden in the cabin before James was imprisoned. Kind of have to read between the lines.

They did not mention to Becky what they were looking for. She told them she doesn't have the key, giving it away that she did indeed have it.