The Outsider (2019)

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Some movies are just bad.

This is one of them.

We usually go light on Spoilers here, but we’ll hop right into them because this movie stinks so bad I don’t think it is actually possible to spoil it anymore than it already is.

Ok…short version: A Chinese railroad worker, horribly played by Jon Foo (the Rush Hour tv show), is tossed in jail by Deputy James Walker (Kaiwi Lyman), who uses the occasion to rape and murder Lee’s wife (Lee’s character is named Jing Phang…but who really cares?). Foo manages to escape a locked jail cell, beat up everyone in the local saloon because hey, every Chinese guy is a Master of Kung Fu, and hunt down and kill Walker.

Ok, there’s more to it, but not much. Along the way he meets and, of course, befriends tracker Chris King (Sean Patrick Flanery, whose last decent work was in Dexter). Danny Trejo ( Machete) is in the movie for about five minutes playing Danny Trejo, and Trace Adkins appears in his best performance since playing a character called Transvestite in the critically acclaimed 2012 American Dad! episode, The Unbrave One.

Adkins is, in truth, the only bright spot in this dark and damp (literally….most of the film is shot at night or in the rain) snotfest. His character, Walker’s father, is played with gravitas. But his lines, like everyone’s, are such a mass of clichés and his backstory so convoluted and illogical that even Adkins’ beard can’t save things.

It was hard to top The Great War as worst film so far this year…but The Outsider pulled it off.

This is a really bad movie - and not in a good, funny, or ironic way. It’s just bad.

Pass on this one. But if you just have to see it for yourself, you can catch it on Amazon.

I’m going to watch Unforgiven now and forget I ever saw this movie.

One Very Weak, Wet, and Stinky Black Hat.


This movie is way too dark! How about some lighting so we can see what's happening rather than just guessing all the way through!