A Question About IMDb For Watching Movies!


Hello friends,

I have IMDb acc, but I am unable to watch movies from there. Is there anyone who watched a movie sing IMDb?

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I was never under the impression that you could watch movies on IMDB
I believe it's somewhere you go to to find information about movies, a movie database like they call it

I might be wrong though
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Yeah, it's not really that kinda site. I think I saw something about them veering into that a little, the same way everyone vaguely connected to the industry seems to be creating their own streaming platform, but if so it's pretty nascent.

That used to happen a lot here, on this site: people would sign up and say "wheres the movies." And I'm like...did you look around at all? Because if you had it'd be pretty obvious it wasn't that kind of site.

It still happens now and then, but used to happen a lot because a popular torrenting site had a very similar name.

ThePirateBay is your friend
You can find any movie there. Don't forget to keep seeding for a while after you download it.

(However, keep in mind that ThePirateBay is considered illegal in some countries. Please make sure you know what you're doing before accessing it, or use VPN for safety)