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Actors you wish you would have seen more roles from.


Rachel McAdams. I think she'd do well in various roles.

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Four actors who turned down huge movie roles
• Aaron Eckhart
• Mark Wahlberg
• Sandra Bullock
• Scarlett Johansson

The Ones We Lost
Bruce Lee
Brandon Lee
River Phoenix
Heath Ledger

The Ones Still Here
John Cusack
Kevin Bacon
Keifer Sutherland
Judd Nelson
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I'd guess at....

Aaron Eckhart - Wolverine in X-men
Sandra Bullock - Neo in the Matrix
Mark Wahlberg - Brokeback Mountain
Scarlett Johansson - Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?

The latter actually wanted the role but was turned down though, can't remember hearing her turn something big down unless you include that transsexual film.

In retrospect I think its disappointing Helen Mirren's career took so long to take off, I think you can see why she was so pissed off at Parkinson implying she was only good for nudity in the 70's.

Camille Belle.

First saw her in Jurassic Park, then Practical Magic, and Secret Garden (loved both the book and movie). When a Stranger Calls was also great. She was cute as a kid and smoking hot all grown up. Got myself a printout of her in 10,000 BC. It's a shame that she doesn't act much nowadays.

Heath Ledger, I guess that's the name most people will think of, but he would probably be a director, that was what I intended all along. I could say Harry Dean Stanton as well, but, yeah, he had 250 movies why do another, right? The guy lived in denial half his life, ashamed, mad he didn't had any major roles after Paris, Texas, his whole Eastern philosophy came from that derangement, a way he fond to live with himself, but I'd like to see him making another role like that one, not because I think his a great actor, his not, the only reason his an actor is because of that face, but I think he deserved.