MoFo Fantasy Football 2018 - The Regular Season


BTW, I am a waiver wire nut. I made 56 moves during the year. That was the one thing I really learned that first Fantasy Football campaign two seasons back, to fix my team (I had received a draft grade of D-) by paying attention to who was hot and gambling on who might pop based on matchups. Even with Gurley and McCaffrey anchoring my team I still made multiple moves every single week.

That's how I roll. And this time it ended by putting me into the top spot. Somehow,

In that championship game I only started two players I had drafted: McCaffrey and Amari Cooper. And Cooper I had dropped in Week Three, only picked him back up off the waiver wire after two other owners in my league had him and dumped him due to his inconsistent play. I picked him back up the week he was traded to Dallas.

I would NOT do well in a keeper league.
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Captain, you won????!!!!!


Congratulations Spaudling. It was a fun year guys. Thanks Chris for running the league. I will see you guys next year if I dont run into you on MoFo. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Stallone is my hero!

Congratulations! Glad you didn't have to lose the finals a third time. That'd have been rough.

Hats off to mikey, great season, way to bust through this year.

I like kickers when I have a good one that's attached to a potent offense, but I absolutely hate having to stream them because it's so damn random. I try to make a point to keep an eye on the waiver wire every week, but I don't often pay attention to available kickers. I was so mad at myself when I got zero points for Vinatieri in week 13, a potentially must-win game for me to assure myself a playoff berth, and then later looked and saw that Butker was available. Don't know who dropped him or when, but I think I made him my waiver priority #1 the following week. I drafted him in another league this season, so I knew he was one of the more reliable fantasy kickers due to that high-powered Chiefs offense.