What female film deserves and all-male reboot?


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The Brotherhood of the Traveling Powertools

Steel Magnolias Engraved on Exhaust Headers: Collectible Drift

A League of Their Own (aka Any Old League)

Little Menmen


Punch Perfect

Bring It On: Electric Boogaloo

Charlie's Angelmen

Sex and the City: the Lawsuit

Mean Boys

Coyote Really Ugly

Fried Green Tomatoes and Pizza

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Dune (Villeneuve, 2021)

The Women...of course and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?...BTW, this is a fantastic topic.

I'd like to see a gender reversal of Slumber Party Massacre, where some non-descript female in jeans, torments an innocent evening of Dungeons and Dragons.

Delmar & Louis

Fried Green Tomatoes (At the Hooters Down the Street)

The Beguyled

I mean, that would be a proper prequel. In the book, the all-female group was just another experiment, and many different compositions had been tried on earlier expeditions.

Oh, this one is for me. Hmm. Let’s see. Would be fun to see an all-male:

Practical Magic
Widows (although just how all those wives die simultaneously is bound to pose logistical challenges - a very risky hen do, perhaps? Rock-climbing?)
The Help (some sort of butlers’ rebellion? Call it Jeevers Creepers?)
The Favourite
La Cérémonie

We already have an all-male Hustlers in Magic Mike and I detest it for the predictable cheesiness. Besides, I’m sure people can snort coke and still be happy, so the drama in the end is very forced/unnecessary.

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Terms of Endurance

Divine Secrets of the MA-GA Brotherhood

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