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  1. 02-25-17
    Sure thing, got all the MCU on Blu-Ray (and netflix for the shows) a big tv and plenty of popcorn... I'm ready to rock some MCU quizzes
  2. 02-25-17
    Nice one bud, thank you.
    Well, for a start, if you could work on two quizzes, one for Iron Man 2 and the other for Iron Man 3?
    Pretty simple layout, 10 questions, multiple choice with 4 possible answers, one is correct the other 3 wrong.

    Once done, send to me via PM, and I can then add them to the control panel.

    Once they're live I'll message you, or stick a tag in the Quiz Thread
  3. 02-25-17
    Hey bud, Dteam said he would speak to you but not sure if he did or not.
    Would you be interested in helping me out with the Quiz section?

    Been posting in the Quiz Update Thread... looking for people to help out writing quizzes for the MCU movies. Basically the first Iron Man movie, The Winter Soldier and Guardians have been done already, we need the rest though.
    There's a couple simple rules when writing a quiz, nothing too heavy.
    Have a gander here for the requirements on MoFo Quiz writing http://www.movieforums.com/community...ad.php?t=46193 and see what you think, see if you'd be interested in writing a quiz for an MCU movie? Maybe more than one?
    There's a list in that thread on this post containing the movies we're short of too.
  4. 02-08-17
    Best new avatar.
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