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  1. 03-01-17
    Well, if you want to nominate another one and it isn't in by midnight tonight, that is OK. I will add it whenever you give it to me. How does that sound?
  2. 03-01-17
    I know I sent that PM last night about nominating a second film. Are you in for that? I am only asking because I am planning on figuring out the deadline now.
  3. 02-06-17
    Interesting top 10 in your profile Shop! Still very happy you liked Last Picture Show
Wonder Woman   6/06/17
Wonder Woman has a significant advantage, since this is her big screen solo debut, and there's no demand for a

Kong: Skull Island   3/13/17
He's almost just as big as Godzilla, but he doesn't feel as big, both literally, and the impact he left on the

Logan   3/03/17
It's also a message that superhero movies can be something more than connected universes, and big visual wonde

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them   2/20/17
While it was a good looking movie, a good example of this wo

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