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  1. 09-18-17
    Where ya at?
  2. 08-05-16
    Sounds like you're pretty busy. Well, I hope you still can find some time to post here. I miss the old crew, man. Nice talking with you buddy.
  3. 08-04-16
    Where in the US? I can't remember if you lived on my side or elsewhere.

    I've been good. Not much to say, man. Very cool that you've graduated from college and stuff. Still into film?
  4. 08-03-16
    Dude, where have you been?!
Hill of Freedom   4/13/15
If someone were to choose to watch the film as a playful and awkward vacation, Hill of Freedom would be a fun

Closed Curtain   2/07/15
I think this is probably Panahi's greatest film, one of the greatest Iranian films, and one of the greatest fi

Silver Linings Playbook   1/13/13
Two people freely expressing their immature thoughts isnt sad or romantic, its just immature, at least the way

Life of Pi   12/20/12
Lee almost had it, and the film is still good, and one of the best shot films of the year, but he falters too

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