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I was recently in an independent comedy-drama about post-high school indecision. It's called Generation Why.

See the trailer here:

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  1. 09-28-09
    Hey michael, great to see you around here again!
Hurlyburly   12/11/09
This piece asks us to study why these people behave the way they do, and it presents us with great writing and

Everybody's Fine   11/23/09
Itís the kind of forgettable holiday film that comes out every year, which is unfortunate because I think it c

The Brown Bunny   11/02/09
I think a film like this is potentially alienating ... It hit me harder than anything Iíve watched in quite a

The Fourth Kind   10/30/09
With such a substantial segment that leaves us unsatisfied, this film fails to achieve anything more than a fe

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