Hurlyburly   12/11/09
by michaelcorleone
This piece asks us to study why these people behave the way they do, and it presents us with great writing and acting to make that experience engaging.

Everybody's Fine   11/23/09
by michaelcorleone
Itís the kind of forgettable holiday film that comes out every year, which is unfortunate because I think it could have been better with these actors and themes.

The Brown Bunny   11/02/09
by michaelcorleone
I think a film like this is potentially alienating ... It hit me harder than anything Iíve watched in quite a while.

The Fourth Kind   10/30/09
by michaelcorleone
With such a substantial segment that leaves us unsatisfied, this film fails to achieve anything more than a few cheap thrills.

Revolutionary Road   10/26/09
by michaelcorleone
It is a visceral, enormously affecting piece of art that will always stay with me.

Last Days   10/16/09
by michaelcorleone
Like a bleak, subtextual poem, the least this film should do for anyone is leave them thinking.

The Outsiders   10/12/09
by michaelcorleone
Itís a minor work from one of Americaís greatest directors, but itís still a work from one of Americaís greatest directors.

Tetro   10/09/09
by michaelcorleone
Coppola isnít just exploring new artistic possibilities... heís revisiting themes and crafting them in a new way. This is an expressive, boldly non-mainstream piece that wonít receive the immediate credit it deserves.

Last Tango in Paris   10/02/09
by michaelcorleone
This movie encompasses the intimacy of human interaction so adeptly that it is easy to forget weíre watching a film.

Brokeback Mountain   9/05/07
by michaelcorleone
I think this movie is extremely underappreciated and misunderstood. It's not a gay cowboy movie. It's a classic depiction of love itself, and an absolute artistic triumph.

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