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I am half agony, half hope.
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If God had wanted me otherwise, He would have created me otherwise.

Johann von Goethe
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  1. 02-01-09
    Pretty good! How about you, and your's?
    I'm patiently waiting on summer. I'd settle for the 60's, but I'd kill for the 80's.
  2. 01-13-09
    well, if there is any acrimony as a result of this whole "friend" business, Im sure youll come up with an appropriate poem to get the wooing done Mrs.D!
  3. 01-11-09
  4. 01-11-09
    The question on everyone's mind to be sure is will Mrs. Darcy ask Slug to be her friend? I'd say its 50/50...
Notorious   3/05/09
A very good thriller. A very good love story.

Room at the Top   2/10/09
I thought this movie was complex and very raw.

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