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  1. 02-09-17
    Your quiz is now live
  2. 02-09-17
    Aaahhh! Not on here... via a PM so nobody else can see the answers...

    Also, I'll need 4 answers per question... one is right, the other 3 are wrong so I can make the quiz a multiple choice quiz.
  3. 02-09-17
    Awesome stuff... there's a list in that last post of the movies we still need quizzes for
    If you guys can post in there which ones you'd like to write quizzes for

    The way it all works is in that post about sending them to me via private message et al
  4. 02-09-17
    Hey bud... I'm guessing you're an MCU fan?

    I've been posting in the Quizzes Update thread for a while but nobody has answered yet.
    Basically I'm a sort of an unofficial admin for the Quiz Section of MoFo... and I'm looking for help with the MCU... I'm not a mahoosive fan myself, and I'm looking for a couple people who might be interested in helping out with the quiz section.

    Writing a quiz is pretty simply tbh, (the only complex part would be me doing a runover of the quiz before it goes live for the rest of the board), and let me know if you'd be interested in helping out
    Or, if you know of any of the other guys that would like to?

    Have a gander at the last post in the Quiz thread for the ins and outs of how to write one and let me know
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