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  1. 12-24-18
    Merry Christmas, DM
  2. 12-24-18
    You need a Crimbo avi.
  3. 08-23-17
    There are so few films that feel epic and small at the same time. I loved it. Really beautiful.
  4. 04-07-17
    Hey, I was wondering how you were able to upload the full Excel Sheet for the 60s Countdown onto the forum because I'm hoping to do the same thing for the Sci-Fi Countdown. Thanks!
Playtime   2/07/15
I want to watch this film again already, and I can feel this becoming one of my all time favourite films that ...

Waking Life   11/21/14
I remember last year when I was in my university accommodation I had this really long lucid dream, it was more...

Shame   11/02/14
By the end of the film nothing has really been achieved, we know nothing that we did not know about these cha...

Fury   11/02/14
The film lacks (almost) any kind of morality or human balance that make the most powerful war pieces so fascin...

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