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  1. 07-13-16
    Yeah I thought the trailer was bad too, and especially compared to Boyhood the buzz was non-existant, but I think it's a minor delight of a more smaller/personal film. It made me smile a lot despite some flaws, very cool.
  2. 07-08-16
    I just watched Everybody Wants Some!! too, gave it four stars out of five in the Last Movie thread, thought it was great. I think you'll enjoy it definitely, much more like Dazed and Confused and the Before series than Boyhood, which I know will sound good to you.
  3. 04-10-16
    All is well! Thanks for asking.

    I have a little less time lately to watch all the films I'd like to see, but that compensates with other good things in life of course.

    How's it going with you?
  4. 04-10-16
    I love the Before movies, I think all three of them are great. I know you find some of it problematic, but the first is probably my favourite. Only seen them once though, a while ago, I'm looking forward to eventually revisiting them. I'm a sucker for a good old fashioned American romance (Casablanca), love all the style/gestures/costumes, and love Cary Grant. I think I rememember you praising An Affair to Remember before, and I know it's generally really well regarded. I'll let you know when I eventually get to it. I go back down to Uni in a few days, so my superior internet there should mean more film viewing
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