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  1. 08-05-22
    I voted for both of those, but not at number 1.
  2. 08-05-22
    If it's ratatouille, you weren't the only one

    could also see if being Mary & Max though
  3. 08-04-22
    Regarding your post comment: No, I don't consider Her a comedy so I didn't vote for it. People probably associate my #1 with a different genre more than they do comedy, even though it's funny as hell, so I wouldn't be surprised if nobody else voted for it.
  4. 03-10-18
    You still going to finish the Best Picture Hall of Fame? I've been very curious to see what you think of Gladiator. Rocky is disqualified, btw. Don't know if you've watched it/written it up yet but Sarge dropped out so it's not in the running anymore.