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  1. 01-23-16
    You didn't cause any problems, everyone was at fault.
  2. 10-05-15
    Yes, I did finish watching The Changeling. It was a pretty good movie, but I didn't think it was great. I know that at end, justice was served, but I didn't quite "get" the ending with the two versions of Joseph. If the one on the stairs showed up after the one in his office had a heart attack, I would have assumed that he died and then it was a ghost, but they seemed to both be there at the same time, before he died. I assume the one in his office was the "real" Joseph, but I didn't understand where the second one came from, and if it was supposed to be a ghost, how was it there before he died?
  3. 10-05-15
    Did you watch the rest of The Changeling? Its one of the very few Horrors i would recommend to you, so i'm curious what you thought.
  4. 07-10-15
    Thanks for the heads-up.