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  1. 05-16-20
    lol really?? I guess that actually makes sense since they disliked Pride and CMBYN too. I will try to watch it soon after I finish up 22nd HoF!
  2. 05-16-20
    Yeah, I nominated it in the 15th HOF (I think). It got very mixed reactions. Raul and Citizen hated it, of course, as they always do with anything gay. You should definitely check it out. I was hesitant to watch it for a long time because drag and musicals arenít my thing but I loved it instantly and now itís in my top ten movies.
  3. 05-16-20
    Nope, haven't seen it but I have read a couple reviews of it. Looks really interesting and something I may enjoy! Have you nominated it in a HoF already?
  4. 05-16-20
    I saw that you liked someone's review of Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Letterboxed. Have you seen it? Such a great movie.