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Onward - Box Office Champion


$60.36m $10.60m 1. Onward
$9.17m $9.17m 2. Bloodshot
$9.10m $9.10m 3. I Still Believe
$64.31m $5.89m 4. The Invisible Man
$5.30m $5.30m 5. The Hunt
$145.75m $2.52m 6. Sonic the Hedgehog
$13.37m $2.35m 7. The Way Back
$62.09m $2.22m 8. The Call of the Wild
$9.93m $1.29m 9. Emma.
$204.29m $1.10m 10. Bad Boys for Life
$84.08m $0.57m 11. Birds of Prey
$316.78m $0.42m 12. Jumanji: The Next Level
$10.69m $0.42m 13. Impractical Jokers: The Movie
$159.19m $0.34m 14. 1917
$12.57m $0.34m 15. Brahms: The Boy II
$53.36m $0.22m 16. Parasite
$26.40m $0.21m 17. Fantasy Island
$3.75m $0.17m 18. Portrait of a Lady on Fire
$36.28m $0.98m 19. The Gentlemen
$13.30m $0.98m 20. My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising