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I love movies but often my tastes in them don't match up to those of other "movie buffs." I'm also highly opinionated, so if I offend you, sorry. Biography
Northern California Location
Besides movies, I love music (mostly classic rock) and fiction writing. I'm currently working on my first novel. Hopefully I'll finish it in this liftetime. It's only been 13 years in the making so far. Interests
Veterinary receptionist/assistant Occupation
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  1. 4 Days Ago
    I'm not sure whether it's that North By Northwest or Notorious. It's not Rear Window, i know that much
  2. 4 Days Ago
    Whatever . I rewatched Vertigo earlier and i think it may be my favourite film. So perfect
  3. 4 Days Ago i think you'll find that is you. I saw your Hiroshima Mon Amour rating; you can't hide these things from me
  4. 6 Days Ago
    Dang, i've got 19 left so i'm rationing myself to 9 in the next hour when i have to go out.

    May or may not delete a few hundred coz i'm not prepared for this.
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