Kill Your Darlings   8/11/14
by skivvy69
The historical details of what happened go like this: Lucien Carr was abandoned by his father as a small child and raised by a fairly absentee mother, until eventually he came to meet David Kammerer when he was 14 and Kammerer was 28, since Kammerer was his Boy Scout leader.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow   8/11/14
by skivvy69
Firstly, Sky Captain was one of the first movies ever to be shot entirely on a digital backlot, and paved the way for films like Avatar, Sin City, Speed Racer, and Alice in Wonderland.

Lawless   8/10/14
by skivvy69
For a movie that originally boasted the cast that it did, and later boasted a cast that was by no means unimpressive, including Jessica Chastain, Guy Pearce, and Gary Oldman, the film provided very little in terms of characterization for any of the leads.

Heathers   8/10/14
by skivvy69
This is one of the films first and foremost points as it satirizes not only the stereotypical John Hughes-esque teen movies that were startlingly popular at the time of Heathers release in 1988, but society and the high school experience in general.

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