The Coming of Sin   4/05/19
by pahaK
The Coming of Sin is quite beautifully shot film.

Dead & Buried   4/04/19
by pahaK
For most of the time Dead & Buried alternates between the wooden sheriff wondering what's going on and some unimaginative random killings.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs   4/02/19
by pahaK
A princess fantasy for little girls that doesn't seem very relevant today (whether that's a good or a bad thing is not an easy question to answer).

The Highwaymen   4/01/19
by pahaK
Costner and Harrelson are two old men playing two old men who grumpily trudge along their old ways and tell the tales of even older times (I hope I repeated "old" enough to make my point).

Triple Threat   3/29/19
by pahaK
On a positive side vengeance means killling everyone and Triple Threat (like most Asian action movies) doesn't give a damn about diversity (all the good guys are Asian while all whites and blacks are bad guys).

Altered States   3/29/19
by pahaK
There are some interesting concepts in Altered States but the film falls little flat on majority of them (like Jessup's regression that suddenly becomes fully magical and then just reverts).

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close   3/27/19
by pahaK
I don't think the film is supposed to be a satire but the boy reminds me of a modern snowflake and a future professional offendee.

Bloodlust   3/26/19
by pahaK
Story and character development are a bit shaky but perhaps the film is just trying to reflect the obsessions of the protagonist (it seems to work that way but maybe I just want to see something that isn't there).

Dragged Across Concrete   3/25/19
by pahaK
The film doesn't build any story or add any depth to its characters (quite an accomplishment for 2h 38min movie).

Hands of the Ripper   3/23/19
by pahaK
Hands of the Ripper also looks awfully Italian for a Hammer film (especially some of the murders and the whole final scene are straight up giallo).

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