Downfall   3/18/10
by Sleezy
Maybe it's just because I've read the accounts and know what happened, but the film plods along from point to point with minimal commentary on the history that's transpiring, and little characterization is afforded Hitler's contemporaries.

The Mist   3/02/10
by Sleezy
I enjoy the occasional horror flick, but I'm by no means a fan in the way most horror fans are.

Avatar   12/21/09
by Sleezy
Not only are they stupendously well-rendered and complementary to the finished product, but theres also a conscious sense of beauty infused into them that designers/animators rarely ever afford other films a clear indication that studios should take note from Avatar and NOT rush their blockbusters to market.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince   12/11/09
by Sleezy
There even seemed to be some hesitance on Snapes part to agree to kill Dumbledore if Malfoy failed.

Watchmen   3/09/09
by Sleezy
But, much of the crucial dialogue in the film (occurring at the climax) was highly bastardized, and in some cases re-written altogether to serve the film's purposes.

The Dark Knight   7/19/08
by Sleezy
But it's the areas of the film the Joker does touch that suddenly brings everything to life.

Grizzly Man   8/18/06
by Sleezy
His conclusions may not be unfounded, but given the fact that a viewer who knows nothing about Treadwell prior to seeing the film only gets to experience his life through two hours of footage and interviews (roughly 8% of the whole story, probably) and Herzogs critical lens, its quite also not unfounded to say that Treadwell isnt being afforded a proper legacy.

Superman Returns   7/04/06
by Sleezy
The subplot is Superman's history with Lois, and her young son who is quite obviously Superman's child before the film even presents the notion.

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