Downfall   3/18/10
by Sleezy
By now, anyone who keeps up with good cinema has probably heard about this film. Told mostly through the eyes of Hitler's personal secretary during the siege of Berlin in the spring of 1945, it chronicles the Nazi leader's final days spent in a bunker under the Chancellery as Russian forces close in.

The Mist   3/02/10
by Sleezy
[i]The Mist[/i] is one of those films that forces me to evaluate my discomfort and admit to myself (or not) that it did its job and I should be satisfied.

Avatar   12/21/09
by Sleezy
[i]Avatar[/i] is surprisingly very good, and uses its assets as smartly as you could ever hope for in todayís overblown, banal adventure-blockbuster genre.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince   12/11/09
by Sleezy
Sadly, this one disappoints. Itís not that itís [i]horrible[/i], per se, but by comparison, it suffers from a few glaring issues the preceding Potter films have mostly been able to avoid.

Watchmen   3/09/09
by Sleezy
It feels like a production [U]by[/U] fans [U]for[/U] fans, and yet not so self-indulgent that it yields the book for the sake of taking over and re-imagining the whole thing.

The Dark Knight   7/19/08
by Sleezy
...anything worthwhile about this sequel is hinged completely and totally on the Joker's anarchy.

Grizzly Man   8/18/06
by Sleezy
What initially appears to be a documentary about a driven and courageous individual doing admirable work quickly fades. It doesn't take long to realize that Treadwell's psyche, which seems to unfold as the film does, is Herzog's real focus.

Superman Returns   7/04/06
by Sleezy
[i]Superman Returns[/i], having spring-boarded off two existing films shot over twenty years ago, rushes to catch up with the times in the first hour while still identifying itself with its predecessors.

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