Hesher   8/30/11
by Skepsis93
[i]Hesher[/i] is deeply wrong on many levels. But it also has a message, one that’s poignant and relevant if you look past its brazen exterior. If you’re a part of its niche audience, then it comes highly recommended. You weirdos will love this one.

Being John Malkovich   8/12/11
by Skepsis93
Surreal, at times f**ked up and, most importantly, intelligent, challenging and completely absorbing.

Lars and the Real Girl   7/12/11
by Skepsis93
...if you're looking for something real, something that will move you, something that will let you experience a piece of absolute genuine humanity, then I urge you to pick it up and give it a watch. Magnificent.

Invictus   7/07/11
by Skepsis93
Apart from perhaps Freeman's performance, there is nothing groundbreaking but it is as far as I can tell an accurate portrait of the man and the events, and an interesting pseudo-documentary that is also entertaining on a dramatic level...

Trust   7/06/11
by Skepsis93
Great performances from pretty much the entire cast, helped in no small way by Schwimmer's skillful directing allowed me to push past this and enjoy it, but it is unfortunately not the truly powerful contemporary drama it had the potential to be.

Rubber   6/20/11
by Skepsis93
It markets itself as a Comedy, and it does have some funny moments. A lot of the time you just have to laugh at the complete absurdity of it.

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