The Zero Theorem   10/21/22
The meaning of life, the future direction of computer memory and the conflict between the corporate world and the philosophical yearnings of ordinary people seem to be typical Terry Gilliam subjects, and so The Zero Theorem ends up being no surprise to those familiar with his work.

Forbidden Planet   10/20/22
The film got the visuals to match the fascinating story on MGM sound stage sets (the film was shot entirely indoors) that were created by primarily by art director Arthur Lonergan (the crowning achievement of his career - one that would include an Oscar nomination for his set decoration on 1966 film...

That Cold Day in the Park   10/15/22
I knew that this would be far better than the films he served his 'apprenticeship' on, but I wasn't expecting something this good - a film worthy in my eyes of being included in that group of films.

Countdown   10/12/22
1967 film Countdown is an interesting, almost forgotten film which marked another signpost on Robert Altman's way to 1970 and M*A*S*H - it was Altman's first proper feature since The Delinquents in 1957, but this was much more weighty - A William Conrad Production at Warner Brothers which saw him pr...

The Delinquents   10/08/22
It gives the film a feel of "one of those" educational films instead of the professional, "real film" feel it would have otherwise had.

The James Dean Story   10/08/22
On the one hand, you could see this film as exploiting his death, but in the end it seems more that this film is genuinely buying into the fact that this man deserved a kind of filmic eulogy in keeping with who he was.

Nashville   10/06/22
Robert Altman is one of my friend's number one favourite filmmakers, and I've seen many films of his that I rate very highly - one of the films of his I like the most, Brewster McCloud, has a very similar feel to Nashville in style, and another, McCabe & Mrs.

The Player   10/06/22
Adaptation references it's own making, and in a sense so does The Player - The postcard sender calls Griffin Mill again, and gives him a pitch for a film which is basically everything that has happened so far - calling his film "The Player", and as long as Mill greenlights it, it will have a happy e...

Zombieland   11/10/21
One of these rarities is Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) - a nervous young man who narrates the film and tells us that he's survived due to following a set of rules he's devised for himself, and it's these rules that we'll come across throughout the film - often appearing in graphic form whenever an appl...

Zodiac   10/08/21
The David Fincher-directed film Zodiac isn't necessarily all about the Zodiac or his mysterious crimes - this is a film about obsession, and about three men in particular.

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