Death Race   3/27/15
by Optimus
Movie Trivia: Originally written as a sequel to Death Race 2000 (1975) titled Death Race 3000, a race around the world with futuristic hovering, invisible and transformer cars, but had to be rewritten due to production costs.

American Psycho   3/11/15
by Optimus
Movie Trivia: In each scene with Detective Donald Kimball (Willem Dafoe), Mary Harron asked Dafoe to portray his character three different ways: 1) Kimble knew Patrick Bateman killed Paul Allen, 2) Kimball didn't know Bateman killed Allen, and 3) Kimball wasn't sure if Bateman killed Allen.

Exodus: Gods and Kings   3/10/15
by Optimus
Sure this movie has some pretty good action, and some scenes look pretty good, but the whole movie is just a huge disappointment.

Starred Up   2/23/15
by Optimus
Some of you may have also noticed it went straight into my top 100 favourite movies, so I personally rate this movie very highly.

Iron Man   2/20/15
by Optimus
Another reason I think Iron Man is more superior to the other superhero movies is the origin of Iron Man.

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