The Mist   11/22/07
by OG-
...[i]The Mist[/i] is, hands down, contest over, thanks all who entered, the best horror film of the year Two Thousand and Seven.

The Ordeal   4/01/06
by OG-
Though the term is so generic these days, the best way to put it is simply to call it ‘art house horror’. Welz’s film is a remarkably surreal experience to watch, with hypnotic cinematography, refrained yet surprisingly brisk pacing and truly phantasmagorical moments.

Battlefield Baseball   9/14/05
by OG-
Watch it at double the speed, [i]Battlefield Baseball[/i] will instantly become twice as good!

District B13   9/12/05
by OG-
What [I]Banlieue 13[/I] lacks in solid, logical plot it more than makes up for in good 'ole fashion ass kickery.

Memories of Murder   9/10/05
by OG-
[I]Memories of Murder[/I] is probably the overall most pleasant serial killer film I've ever seen and certainly worth a watch to anyone with an open mind.

Crying Fist   9/02/05
by OG-
[I]Crying Fist[/I] is all swings and no punches; the worst boxing film that isn't even remotely about boxing, boxers or even human beings.

Shutter   5/23/05
by OG-
Shutter takes all of the ingredients of ghost story predecessors, gathers 'em all up together and plays with that hand and actually wins.

Videodrome   4/22/05
by OG-
[I]Videodrome[/I] is a great exploration of the psyche of man consumed by media and while it doesn't fall apart in it's second half, it becomes somewhat dissatisfying.

Primer   4/17/05
by OG-
Figure it out or don't figure it out, it doesn't actually matter because [I]Primer[/I] is a remarkably elusive film that should not escape your attention.

The Machinist   4/13/05
by OG-
The Machinist is a great movie and another shining example that Brad Anderson, though he only has two genre entries under his belt, is a beast in the ring. The man doesn't have just an eye for creating a slick, decadent and morbid world, he has a sixth sense for it.

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