Terror Train   12/22/23
by McConnaughay
She also starred in another slasher film an independently produced film called Terror Train.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem   9/23/23
by McConnaughay
At the same time, I do believe the film has a rapid-fire, million-words-a-minute feeling to it, with character development sometimes left by the way side in favor of overstuffing the film with as many name-drops and cultural references as its runtime can contain.

The Menu   9/23/23
by McConnaughay
What I expected from the film that it would be an artsy-fartsy film that eventually ends up with them all partaking in cannibalism, isnt actually what the film is about.

Last Night in Soho   9/23/23
by McConnaughay
The film portrays the character as having a romanticized perception of what it was like in 1960s London, visualizing it with a glitz and glammed tinted lens, glamorizing what the film reveals wasnt actually a great time for everyone involved.

Phantasm   7/02/23
by McConnaughay
Both approaches can be a little off-putting throughout the film, but neither ultimately damages the film beyond repair.

Influencer   7/02/23
by McConnaughay
Both films content and subject matter parallel in numerous ways, offering a twisty, fun handling of social media influencers and the culture it evokes (compared to a film like Spree, which was a found-footage horror with a more harsh, almost American Psycho-esque approach).

Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles   6/16/23
by McConnaughay
This film, it feels more natural than that, and, like I said, feels consistent with what the film is.

Toy Story 4   6/16/23
by McConnaughay
Toy Story 4 begins with a flashback that shares the fate of Bo Peep, a character who had a significant role in the original film but was unaccounted for in proceeding sequels.

Don't Torture a Duckling   6/15/23
by McConnaughay
I will say straightaway the version I had was, unfortunately, a dubbed version on the Tubi streaming service (I normally prefer the subbed versions when it comes to live-action films, and I think this film embodies a lot of why that is).

Sweet Home Alabama   5/30/23
by McConnaughay
I review films like Winnie the Pooh: Blood & Honey and I can tell you this film is better all around than that film.

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