All Quiet on the Western Front   2/23/04
by LordSlaytan
By this time, B er has been fighting in the war for three years, and has no illusions, grand or otherwise, about what war is like.

From The Earth To The Moon   2/22/04
by LordSlaytan
Apollo 9 needed Spider ready on time in order to test whether Spider can be successfully docked to the main module, and Apollo 10 was the mission to see if Spider could actually fly in the moons orbit.

Band of Brothers   2/22/04
by LordSlaytan
By the end of the episode the men graduate and head to England.

City of God   2/01/04
by LordSlaytan
The story centers around two young men; Rocket (Alexandre Rodrigues), who abhors violence and dreams of being a photographer, and L'il Ze (Firmino da Hora), a cold blooded killer who only dreams of power.

Straw Dogs   2/01/04
by LordSlaytan
When the time finally arrives, when the men make their move, it happens in such a brutal, yet equally confusing way, that you can tell that this isnt another simple revenge movie.

Dancer in the Dark   1/31/04
by LordSlaytan
Its all very impressive and would mean some good fun, except the story is so terribly sad.

Dirty Pretty Things   1/31/04
by LordSlaytan
Instead of being flashy, it is quiet, but there is still a modest intensity as the story unravels.

The Triplets of Belleville   1/31/04
by LordSlaytan
Its as if I was watching a story set in a parallel universe that merely resembles our own.

Monster   1/30/04
by LordSlaytan
What saves her and condemns 7 men to their deaths is the chance encounter with the only person to say, I love you and to mean it.

The Big Bounce   1/30/04
by LordSlaytan
Thats the whole plot of The Big Bounce; that no one knows who is part of a scam, or even a larger scam, and that betrayal may be around the corner at all times, but no one knows from which direction, or if at all, it may come.

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