Annie Hall   6/28/15
by Gatsby
Annie Hall is another great film that grasps the flow of an entirely human life  but in a different way.

The General   6/21/15
by Gatsby
Silent films provoke imagination more than usual films, because the conversations, accents and overall tone need to be imagined, as they can not be pointed out by text cards.

Moonrise Kingdom   6/13/15
by Gatsby
As the music flows and the people dance, you realize the personal love and affection Anderson put into the film.

The Graduate   6/11/15
by Gatsby
My expectation for this film was definitely not what I'm going through now, put into a cinematic fantasy, then wonderfully executed by the hands of a director I enjoy, a genius rock duo I love, and a cast that I was not familiar before, but as a result of this film want to dig into.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind   6/07/15
by Gatsby
I'm definitely on the minority, but I am still sure that the film is one of the most overrated films to ever exist.

M. Hulot's Holiday   6/05/15
by Gatsby
Every moment in the film is a climax and a natural, cleverly daft observation of the people who roam around in the beach and hotel.

The Rock   5/23/15
by Gatsby
Sure, the plot about Alcatraz and our heroes trying to do something with typical scientific weaponry and theories in most 90s action films is already laughable and drags the film down, but it isn't Transformers where the story treats itself like a sci-fi semi-existentialism film.

Aguirre: The Wrath of God   5/21/15
by Gatsby
I'd like to comment on how the way the film is shot and directed, because it's what makes the film stand out even more.

Avengers: Age of Ultron   5/04/15
by Gatsby
The film has all the basic qualities of an okay film; don't get me wrong- it is definitely far, far away from the worst superhero movie you will ever see.

Raiders of the Lost Ark   5/01/15
by Gatsby
Im not against exposition based films, however, think if the film have enough rich characters, dramatic or humorous situations, and action to support the complicated plot?

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