Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me   9/08/14
by BlueLion
What is key to the film's success though - something without which the film definitely wouldn't have been as effective as it is - is Sheryl Lee's powerhouse performance as Laura Palmer.

Werckmeister Harmonies   9/08/14
by BlueLion
The film looks minimal and feels natural despite the ambiguity surrounding it, and its black and white photography combined with the film's mood and use of location help to give the work a sense of timelessness: it doesn't matter where, why, or when the film is taking place, it is a work which is un...

Django Unchained   3/04/13
by BlueLion
For instance, theres the mandingo fighting scene which is very violent and disturbing, but it isnt gratuitious violence, as a matter of fact I think its a very important scene for the film, because had Tarantino not decided to include these brutal scenes, Django Unchained couldve as well ended up as...

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