Galaxy Quest   3/17/20
by John-Connor
Galaxy Quest could very well be the most successful sci-fi space opera parody because I can't think of another one right now.

Galaxy Quest   2/17/14
by Gideon58
The title of the film is actually the title of a short-lived, sci-fi television series that during its brief time on the air, developed cult status, a fictionalized STAR TREK, if you will, that continues to live on through conventions and live appearances for its cast, whose careers have pretty much been reduced to these live appearances, which most of the cast seems bored with, except for the star of the show, Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen), who lives for these live appearances until he accidentally overhears a couple of fans talking about how ridiculous the show and Nesmith are, which sends Nesmith on a drunken bender.

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