The Craft   10/03/18
by SmudgeEFC1985
I first saw it back in high school, back when Channel 4 used to play great films late night on weekends, and everyone in school would come in on Monday morning talking about.

The Craft   3/15/15
by Iroquois
The effects work is bad, as is the writing that barely makes me care about the lead characters (except maybe in the case of Rachel True's character, who suffers some ridiculously racist bullying from Christine Taylor's stereotypically bitchy character, but that doesn't last long as she joins in with...

The Craft   3/21/14
by Sexy Celebrity
I thought Neve Campbell would make this thing at least reasonably good to watch since I love her in the Scream movies -- and this movie has Skeet Ulrich who played Billy in the first Scream!

The Craft   1/06/05
by Monkeypunch
I reccomend The Craft for what it is, an above average scary teen movie that doesn't speak down to its audience and doesn't pull its punches. And it has a great soundtrack, as well.

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