Waking Life   11/21/14
by Daniel M
I remember last year when I was in my university accommodation I had this really long lucid dream, it was more like a nightmare, I kept peeling back the layers and trying to get out but I couldn't, and as I kept trying I had to keep reminding myself I was in a dream as you would fall back and forget...

Waking Life   9/07/07
by The Gnat
The content was there, but the film contained a very poor representation of the content.

Waking Life   8/27/06
by gohansrage
The pace was terrible. The voices were ho hum. The animation took away from the information, which itself was boring and dated.

Waking Life   3/14/04
by Ezikiel
Never before have I been so interested in an animated film the way I was with [i]Waking Life[/i].

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