Finding Neverland   10/26/18
by Gideon58
David Magee's Oscar-nominated screenplay is a lovely marriage of romantic drama and lilting child-like fantasy as we watch a dreamy-eyed playwright vacillate between the realities of his career and his marriage and these young boys who allow him to forget about the realities of adulthood until they ...

Finding Neverland   8/21/07
by The Gnat
I tend to find this film almost inspirational to those people are in areas where creativity is needed. It allows the viewer to become a child again with the Davies boys, and shows through Barrie how creativity and imagination are not something that has to be given up as the "artist" grows older and matures.

Finding Neverland   10/31/04
by SamsoniteDelilah
And veteran of 7 films (at age 12) Freddy Highmore steals hearts as Peter, the sometimes ironic inspiration for Barrie's Peter Pan.

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