The Day the Earth Stood Still   8/06/22
by Thief
Unfortunately, fear clouds our reasonings and the way we perceive things, regardless of how honest and well-intentioned they are, and in our fear to have "security", we threaten the security of others.

The Day the Earth Stood Still   4/09/15
by Iroquois
The second act involves Klaatu escaping military custody and going incognito as a human so as to learn more about the real inhabitants of the Earth (as opposed to the incredibly restrictive military personnel he initially encounters), which is nice and all but doesn't hold my interest at all despite...

The Day the Earth Stood Still   8/02/14
by The Sci-Fi Slob
The Day The Earth Stood Still was made during the Cold War and directer Robert Wise created a warning message of sorts, and in his own way took the wider view of the global situation, by making one the greatest science fiction films ever made.

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