The Grey   8/25/18
by aronisred
I think the movie may be much more interesting if it may have taken the route of man trying to reclaim his position as being at the top of food chain than what we got.This movie required extremely strong director who can directed his way out of a weak screenplay but Joe Carnahan was not the guy and also this is movie is a January release so they were hoping for a more commercial movie than a prestige movie.

The Grey   5/04/15
by Iroquois
I had heard enough about this movie to know that it wasn't just going to be Liam Neeson fighting off wolves for two hours and would actually attempt to tell a deeper story than its high-concept premise might suggest.

The Grey   10/05/12
by Daniel M
It is a gritty and at times brutal film that uses its environment and the wolves to create a thrilling horror aspect, the film has us gripped throughout and we can really feel the characters dire situation in this film.

The Grey   3/23/12
by Justin
As I see it, The Grey is precisely caught in the grey area between B-movie and a movie like The Edge (horrible pun aside).

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