Angel Heart   6/22/20
by Citizen Rules
The director would then take his time with the camera movements giving us plenty of 'in between time' so that we could soak up the atmosphere and 'be in the scene'.

Angel Heart   8/12/18
by SmudgeEFC1985
A unique film noir meets murder mystery thriller meets occult horror, this is a pretty slow moving film, but that's because you're supposed to be paying attention to all the clues and imagery and symbolism that you'd forgotten all about until that big pay off twist at the end!

Angel Heart   8/03/18
by pahaK
I think violent death scenes would fit the film and it would certainly be better than just have de Niro tell that the person is dead.

Angel Heart   2/22/16
by Iroquois
Parker's film-making has always given me a weird vibe that doesn't quite make him an auteur but does leave a distinct impression on some outwardly journeyman-like films; while this lent extra personality to straightforward works like Mississippi Burning or The Commitments, in a film like Angel Heart...

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