The City of the Dead   1/08/19
by pahaK
In a way it's like two movies crammed into one (first the college student going to Whitewood and then the sequel with her brother and boyfriend) and the story moves on a stiff, mechanical and hurried pace without any concern of characterization or fleshing out the story.

The City of the Dead   12/12/17
by mark f
The modern day plot involves college professor Christopher Lee recommending that his student Nan (Venetia Stevenson) spend her holidays researching witches in Whitewood, and even though her brother and boyfriend don't like the idea, she drives to the remote, fog-shrouded town.

The City of the Dead   5/05/14
by Sir Toose
Horror Hotel was one of the earlier films that attempted to twist the Salem Witch Trials into something altogether different than reported history...

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