Carnal Knowledge   12/22/21
by Thief
However, from the second act on, the film focuses more on Nicholson's character, and you all know that Nicholson owns this sleazy character from start to finish, while subtly showing you where the cracks are in his persona.

Carnal Knowledge   12/13/17
by mark f
Sandy honestly feels the need to have a full relationship with a woman, heart and soul, but all Jonathan seems to care about is their "T & A" and waiting for each relationship to fail so he can move on to the next doomed one, the most significant of which involves what seems to be Jonathan's "perfec...

Carnal Knowledge   5/03/16
by Gideon58
The film opens in the late 1940's where we meet Amherst College roommates Jonathan and Sandy, who both find themselves attracted to a pretty coed from Smith named Susan, despite the fact that Jonathan and Sandy have radically different views about women and different ideas about what they want.

Carnal Knowledge   8/01/14
by Cobpyth
We're not only asked to imagine Jack Nicholsons and Art Garfunkel as college boys, but we also have to believe that Jack Nicholson is a virgin at the beginning of the film!

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