The Blair Witch Project   4/05/16
by DalekbusterScreen5
This is partly down to the writers and partly to the actors; the writing is extremely naturalistic making it feel like we are watching real people filming a real documentary and the actors all sell this through their chemistry together on-screen.

The Blair Witch Project   11/08/15
by Iroquois
Of course, things predictably go wrong (between the film's rep and the opening disclaimer, it's pretty obvious that they're not going to succeed at making their film) and soon enough the trio find their seemingly simple journey into the woods complicated not just by their inexperience and interperso...

The Blair Witch Project   7/02/15
by Gatsby
With a bit more effort and time it could have been a decent horror film, instead it set an infamous example, resulting in dozens of films shaking the camera like a Spanish instrument, and shouting out loud; "Hey look, we made a found footage horror, isnt this great?".

The Blair Witch Project   10/10/10
by Fusioncore
Sometimes, the concepts with which we are familiar, need to be redefined. Such a redefinition came from 'The Blair Witch Project' and the concept was 'Horror Movies'.

The Blair Witch Project   12/04/08
The film’s final sequences are on a scale of realistic terror that only a few other movies in the world are on, and its ominous story and incredible climax will leave you thinking for days about what you’ve just watched.

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