Some Like It Hot   8/06/22
by mark f
If Billy Wilder were making movies today, he would tackle more topical subjects, but he was always attracted to sardonic satires, romantic comedies and frenetic farces.

Some Like It Hot   11/01/19
by Citizen Rules
Marilyn Monroe is smokin' hot in this...Tony Curtis & Jack Lemmon are riotously funny...the supporting cast is a hoot, and the shooting location exotic, but the real star of 1959's Some Like it Hot is Billy Wilder himself.

Some Like It Hot   6/22/14
by Cobpyth
It's an eventful, well constructed, well directed and perfectly written comedy (by the legendary Billy Wilder) and beside Marilyn Monroe's presence, we also get two awesome performances from Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon.

Some Like It Hot   4/21/12
by JayDee
For such a light-hearted film it actually contains some great action (the opening chase between the cops and Spats' goons) and the main story is kicked off by multiple gangland murder, not something you'd expect for such a sweet, family film; particularly in the 50s.

Some Like It Hot   11/17/10
by MovieMad16
I don`t know what they did after or before, but in this film they work so well off each other and that is why the film works so well.

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