The Big Heat   11/27/18
by Gideon58
Evidence comes to Bannion suggesting that the officer's death might not be a suicide, which results in two murders that find Bannion's life spiraling into an all-out war against the mob where Bannion finds he is unable to trust anyone, except the not-as-dumb-as-she looks mistress of the mob boss' nu...

The Big Heat   8/25/18
by Citizen Rules
Director Fritz Lang pulled out all the film making stops and gave us one finely honed film noir, with richly defined characters and an interwoven plot that makes The Big Heat one of the must see film noirs.

The Big Heat   6/19/15
by Iroquois
As things progressively get worse and more personal, he loses touch with his calm demeanour and starts to become Marvin plays his usual salty self, becoming notorious for his thuggish inflicting of pain and disfigurement on any woman who irks him; this extends to Grahame as his long-suffering girlf...

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